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Spawn [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Al Simmons

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steak knife sodomy [Jul. 3rd, 2004|11:19 pm]
Al Simmons
you should stop involving yourself with this stupid fucking livejournal shit. whos pathetic? you.
what sucks? your favorite band.
whats the answer to every problem you ever had? FUCKING SUICIDE

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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2004|07:24 pm]
Al Simmons
[mood |sorrow, sorrow]
[music |lizzie mcguire or whatever -- let the rain fall down]

...i'm so alone...

is there anybody out there that understands me? will there ever be a place for me in this cold, cold world?

...with each new day, i am getting older and just fading away...

i feel like the people i once knew and loved have left me in the middle of the sea...the sea of emotions and pain and sorrow and i don't know...

where is my true love?

whatever. let's play pokemon.

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is it real? or am i mad? [Jun. 8th, 2004|11:52 am]
Al Simmons
watching the horizon, the silhouette of the wolf in the full moon takes him to a place he has been to before, if not in this life. the people around him begin to disgust him, and he reaches for a sword. a sword that is not there. he falls to his knees overcome by a feeling of helplessness and a despondent surrender. when his eyes close a circle of black hatred grows larger until it forces his eyelids open again, and it forces the air out of his lungs in a violent scream that turns the heads of all those in earshot. slowly the circle grows, and begins burning. forgetting language and humanity he runs forward at top speed, and instinctively they run from him, caught by surprise, the first humans flesh is shredded by gnashing teeth and flailing nails. in combination with the terrified shriek of a mother as her child is torn to shreds, the wolfs howl drives him forward. everything that he sees does nothing but fuel his hatred, and more die. no mercy. rising from the last corpse, he howls in response, the anger subides, and he returns to where he belongs.
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:( :( :( [May. 31st, 2004|03:26 pm]
Al Simmons
i went to DEMF yesterday.
i didnt really have fun, my mind was in another place all night.
sorry if i brought you down while you were there with me.
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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2004|07:30 pm]
Al Simmons
i made a community.
its dedicated to rusty.
its called "ilikerustylots"
the membership requirements are pretty strict, you have to like rusty.

hammer smashed face.
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2004|07:19 pm]
Al Simmons
DAMN. lovage sucks!
DAMN. le tigre sucks!
DAMN. modest mouse REALLY sucks!
DAMN. mudvayne sucks!
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whutehp everyone? [May. 20th, 2004|11:05 am]
Al Simmons
[music |cradle of filth(who knew)]

whutehp. a couple things are on my mind, and i was thinking of a way to relate them to several people at once. this is perfect for such things.
to any iron maiden fans.........2 things, suggest my iron maiden albums to buy, i think im getting hooked on power metal.
plus i would like to suggest an iron maiden song to the other boys in steak knife sodomy, even though we wont be doing anything for a few weeks because of hooper. my initial thought was 'the trooper' suggestions please.

also, i have been researching legal inebriants (ways to get high, for the stupid) and have been most intrigued by the banana recipe(which i tried several months ago somewhat successfully), the peanut skin recipe(which is way too sick tasting to do correctly), and the morning glory seed recipe, in my hand is a spoonful of heavenly blue morning glory seeds. i have yet to eat them, im about to. i will post a comment on this entry in a couple hours to relate its effects, and whether it works/is worth it. done for now.

addicted to vaginal skin.
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CODC DEATH [May. 16th, 2004|11:39 am]
Al Simmons
i have another suggestion, but this time its something to not listen to. its a band. its called lovage. its the worst shit ive ever heard. avoid at all costs, or youll be sorry. because they suck. get the logic?

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CODC [May. 15th, 2004|05:13 pm]
Al Simmons
i have a musical suggestion for you all.
its an album.
its called stormblast, and its by one of my favorite bands, dimmu borgir.
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chris barnes rules. [May. 14th, 2004|01:58 pm]
Al Simmons
[music |pokemon tunes]

last night i had a wicked dream.


i was sitting in a train with this kid that looked nothing like tony, but im pretty fucking sure that it was tony. and this guy was naked and covered in spiders pacing back and forth the length of the train, when he passed me he would ask me where he could get a ticket to cats the musical. good thing it never really happened, if someone asked me for tickets to cats id probably thrash the shit out of him.

plus i heard this crazy country song where this hillbilly goes "fuckin in the buuuuuuutttt!" and then repeats the line "i want to fuck the shit out of you" for several minutes then the song ends.

i caught a level 10 cubone yesterday, and hes already a level 37 marowak. fuck all yall pokemon haters out thurr.

ireland is pretty cool.

keith billie.

hammer smashed face.
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